Learn Squared Twitch stream with Jama Jurabaev

(David Tilton) #1

Hey guys tomorrow, on Monday, 2/22/2016 at 8pm GMT Jama will be doing a stream on the Learn Squared twitch page!!
Here’s a link to where it will be hosted: http://www.twitch.tv/learnsquared

(Patryk Olkiewicz) #2

Thanks for the info David, I am definitely going to watch it :).

(Sverre Thune) #3

Nice! Will be there.

(David Tilton) #4

Looking forward to seeing you guys there! :smiley:

(Josh Hamester) #5

Looking forward to it :slight_smile:

(Remy PAUL) #6

I’ll try to be here. :slight_smile:

(David Tilton) #7

Hope you guys enjoyed the stream!! We expect to be doing one weekly, I’ll make a new thread for each new steam to keep things organized! :smiley:

(Remy PAUL) #8

Yes ! Too bad we couldn’t hear the students. Maybe next time. ^^

(David Tilton) #9

Yea, heheheh that should be all fixed with the next one. First time technical difficulties and all that :stuck_out_tongue: