Introduce Yourself

(James Elgie) #124

Hello there,

My name is James, and I’m from the land of biltong and boerewors - Cape Town, South Africa, currently living and working in Dubai.

I am working as a motion design art director at Impact BBDO in the in-house production department. I would call myself a generalist in the industry. With my job scope ranging from your average “advertising” motion design spot to “heavy” VFX. Due to my odd career choices within the industry and the lack of big production in South Africa I have developed this weird jack of all trades master of none sort of thing. May be a bit harsh on my self there.

I joined Learn Squared because of my admiration of Ash and the hugely skilled mentors here especially the fact that I have been following their work for years and finally get to hear directly from them, their processes and thinking, with real world examples and projects. Obviously to learn as much as I can and to be a part of a “global school”.

I hope to share and grow my knowledge as much as possible through this awesome portal. Thanks again so much. You can check out my work on Behance and Vimeo

(Porfirio Urena) #125

Hello, my name is Porfirio Urena. I am from San Diego, California (USA) and I am a freelance Illustrator and concept designer. I am working hard in building up my portfolio and constantly looking for ways to improve my craft. You can find my work here:

Personal Website

I joined Learned Squared because I am a huge fan of Maciej and Ash. They have been a huge influence on me in striving to push myself to new heights and to learn from the best. The best way to improve is to learn from people who are better than you. Learned Squared is a platform that allows me to learn from the best in the industry. I am taking Alex Figini’s Concepting in Zbrush and I am so glad that it exists because I feel like I’m getting to a level where I feel like I am making progress. Thank you for your time in reading this and have fun with your projects :smile:

(Bradley Coufal) #126

Hi everybody. My name is Bradley Coufal and I’m a motion graphic artist working in news broadcast design. I’m originally from Austin, Texas but I have lived all over the US and am currently in Denver, CO. I have a background in philosophy and fine arts and am hoping to expand my skills before my move to Toronto (my fiance is Canadian) in the Spring. Super stoked to be here!

(Michael Licavoli) #127

I’m Michael Licavoli (miclicav on the twitch streams) from Arizona and I’m a 3D artist and illustrator. You can can see my work on my very outdated site (Ash, I’m headed to Square Space I promise):

I joined Learn Squared to network with my fellow artists, turn into a super beast for my IP, & because BienQP introduced me. I’m stoked to make your acquaintance! :sweet_potato:

(Mauricio Talero) #128

Hey Mauricio here. I live in Atlanta, GA and work as Art Director at Second Story. Just bought Jama’s intro to 3d Concept Design. Very excited, just want to learn something I always wanted to learn… I hope I don’t suck at it. The pressure is on!

(Matt Ciaglia) #129


Matt Ciaglia
Los Angeles Area
Motion Graphics Artist

I want to learn new techniques. I am enrolled in the Hard Surface Modeling class!

(Michael B.) #130

What’s your name? My name is Michael but I also go by The Winter Dragon or Mo some people to my disdain still call me Hippie.
Where are you from? rural Wellington, New Zealand but I was born in England and have plans to live in Asia for awhile when I can earn some money.
What do you do? I’m an author, scriptwriter, game designer, but I also want to be a concept artist for characters and props and a production designer - I also freelance as a writing mentor and game design mentor (I have a screenwriting degree and I’ve been developing games as a hobbyist for 24years)
Where can we see some of your work?
Why did you join Learn Squared? I want to take my 2d art and learn 3d concept art and production design stills. I’m also interested in making animated movies with after effects when I decide to study the motion design course later next year.
So I’m currently learning modo, cinematic concept design, and unity.
With plans to learn after effects, motion design, construct 2 and python.
My background is in helping out as writer on amateur video game dev teams, writing large fiction manuscripts, poetry writing and performance, digital cartooning, producing micro-budget short movies on video and designing collectable card games as a hobbyist.

I also manage a small amatuer arts team - 4 people plus myself creating a graphic novel, 2 indie video games in construct 2, a webzine, a web-comic and video projects.

And I have a crew of 8 including myself to make zero-budget short movies middle of next year on a micro-budget (just enough to feed the crew over 7 days of shooting.)

I’m writing 1,000 words of 2 novellas or novels every morning, and in the evenings I type 15pgs, write 2pgs of a short work and write 440 words of a script.

I have two screenplays I need to finish to send to interested directors whose work I really adore. And I need to finish the graphic novel script for my artist on the team. I’m writing 4 novellas - two of them I will be submitting to competition next october. And I’m writing 5 short scripts to produce with my crew mid-next year.

My goal is to finish 13 writing projects within a year, get good at 3d concept art and production design and post regularly on my blog.

(Simo Siirila) #131

Hi guys and gals!

I’m a humble, art loving guy from Lappeenranta, Finland. I’m a graphic designer and at the moment I work for a non-profit organization as an informer/occasional designer. I’ve always been drawing and painting and have always admired entertainment focused art and design. I’m on a journey to learn and to amp up my skills to make my dream of working in entertainment industry come true. I’m starting my learn squared experience with Kirill’s Hard Surface course and I can’t wait to start!

Nice to meet you all! Come say hi, if you dare! :smiley:

(Harshanand Singh) #132

Hello Guys, I am Harshanand Singh from India.
I am currently working at Moonfrog labs as a concept artist.
I recently enrolled for Aaron’s mentorship.

You can see some of my work here :

Cheers !

(Ernesto Zanotti) #133

Hello form Italy!
My name is Ernesto and I’m a motion designer.
I joined Learn Squard to follow the course Motion Design by Jorge R. Canedo to improve my skills and I’m very excited to begin this journey!
Here you can find my vimeo page to see from where I start, feel free to give me some feedback about.


(Jean Claude de La Ronde) #134

I’m Jean Claude.
From Montreal, Quebec, Canada
I’m a Freelance Storyboard Artist.
My work can be seen at
A good friend of mine suggested me to come here and take a look at the courses.
I bought the “Sketch Anything” course and I am very happy with how the subjects are taught and presented.
Good Job! I’m a fan and will be a long time customer to this platform.

I’m here to retouch my set of skills on basic principles of illustration.
Looking forward to meet new people, share some knowledge and learn from you all at the same time.

Thanks for your time.

Jean Claude