Introduce Yourself

(Anthony Handy) #103

Hello Everyone!

My name is Anthony Handy, I’m originally from Chicago, Illinois but I am currently residing in Raleigh, NC working as a Concept Artist here. I’m still new to this industry and that means I have a lot to learn. I have joined LSquared to improve my skills as a Concept Artist as well as meet new people in the community!

Currently I have some older work here
As well as my Instagram:

I’m excited to be here and look forward to growing with you all! :smile:

(Scott Schneider) #104


My name is Scott Schneider and I am a Conceptual Set Designer for the ADG and have been in the film industry 29 years. I started out working in miniature effects and transitioned to Set Design in 2011 on The Avengers. Im taking Maciej’s environment design class and Im looking forward to meeting and chatting with you all!


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(Javier Charro) #105

Hi everybody!

I am Javier Charro from Spain, I work as illustrator for roleplaying games, board and card games. You can see some of my works at or I am doing Narrative Concept Art course to improve my skills and knowledge.

Have fun! :wink:

(Bianca Resende) #106

Hey artists! I hope you are all doing fine today.

My name is Bianca, I’m from Brazil and I recently started my journey as freelancer digital artist. You can see my paintings here:
I have so much to learn about concept art. I found Jama Jurabaev’s Narrative Concept Art in a middle of a crises I’m currently having with my paintings. I related to his struggle about being a copy machine and not creating my own ideas. I feel I spent way too much time worried about references and getting the colors right instead of being confident about my own ideas. I really need to improve my creative side, learn new techniques to stay versatile and get advices from one of my favorite artists. That’s why I joined Learn Squared! I intend to explore more courses over the months and years around here.

Thanks! :smiley:
Bianca R.

(André Pelaes) #107

Hey Everyone,

I’m André Pelaes, I’m a hard surface designer from Brazil and I just joined the Intro to matte painting course.

The reason why I entered Learn Squared is because I want my work to be more than just vehicles and spaceships, I want them to tell a story and in a high quality way. Hopefully the courses may help me achieve my goals.

If you are interested in my work please check my portfolio at

And my Instagram where I post everyday @apelaes

Thank you very much for the attention and I hope to get to know some of you guys.

(Gavin O'Donnell) #108

Hello guys,

My name is Gavin O’Donnell. I’m an animation student and freelance concept artist/Illustrator from Ireland.

I joined Learnsquared to learn from the masters and get better, I also like the focus on some community with the slack chat it’s pretty cool! I’ve signed up to Maciej’s Intro to Environment Painting and I plan to do Jama’s courses once I finish this one.

You can see some of my work here


(Julian Osorio) #109

Hi everyone!

My name is Julian Osorio, I’m a graphic designer currently living in Boston. I work in an architecture and design firm, but I am passionate about color, science fiction and all things movie and video games! I’m re-learning illustration and signed up for Narrative Concept Art so that I can master more tools and become a better storyteller.

I’m currently re-working my website so none of my work is up (yet), but I post a bunch of my sketches and exercises to Instagram: @osoriosaurus.

I intend on taking several of these courses, Animation and Matte Painting. I hope to connect with passionate people who also love doing good work and would maybe want to collaborate! that would be rad!


(Henrik Lundblad) #110

Hello People !

My name is Henrik and I work as an industrial designer in Stockholm. I love design and I’m currently working towards my goal of becoming a concept artist in in the game and movie industry. I joined the class in Narrativ Concept Art to pick up some new techniques and learn from Jama and this great community.

You can see some of my personal work here:

See you later!

(Abdulrahman (Nour) Noureldin) #111

Hello Artists, :slight_smile:
I’m Nour, a concept artist for feature films, a small one ,but trying my best and enjoying working and enjoying my journey,

You can check some of my work here:

I know nothing about 3D man… nothing! so I joined Learn Squared as I wanted to learn from the people that already are the masters in this field and already working on big titles, Right now I’m joining Alex Figini on Concepting in ZBrush Course, its a badass stuff! excited just to look at his work! and I’m looking forward to create something nice after learning from him.

All the best for you all :slight_smile:

(Luis Mira) #112


My name is Luis Mira, I am Portuguese but currently living in Germany. I am a Graphic Designer but I am developing my art skills to enter the Entertainment industry as a concept artist or matte painter.

You guys can see my work here:

I choose Learned Squared because is the BEST online school, great knowledge from the best professionals.


(Abdulrahman (Nour) Noureldin) #113

Hello Luis,

You have good work there man!
Best of luck in your developing journey :slight_smile:

And yea Learnsquared is the best around here, they are the masters in this field

(Luis Mira) #114

thanks man, I wish you the same. Just follow the masters!

(Conner O'Brien) #115

Hi everyone!

I’m Conner. I’m a motion designer in Los Angeles. You can find my work at and some more current C4D work on
I’ve been in the industry about 2.5 years now and I want to further my skills. I’m currently taking Maciej’s Futuristic Character Design class to get more familiar with concept art and fushion 360. Also so I can make tons of geisha faces.

Thanks to the awesome Learn Squared team!

(Abdulrahman (Nour) Noureldin) #116

Conner! you have an awesome work! :slight_smile:

yea i think I might join Maciej’s class soon, I have already bought some tutorials from his Gumroad and its just fantastic and very helpful and he is so up to date man! or he even invented some cool ways to work.

All the best!

(Lameque Felix) #117

Hey Guys My name is Lameque Felix and I’m Motion Designer about 8 years in Brazil. I decided ti Join the crew for increase my design skills. Here my work

Let´s do this! :smiley:

(Abdulrahman (Nour) Noureldin) #118

Hi Lameque Good to know you! man I like this style of work of yours! :smiley:

Good luck with your studying, enjoooy! :v:

(kaj suominen) #119

Hi Everyone,

My Name is Kaj Suominen, I live in Finland, currently I work as a ict administrator/tech-support for past 17years (that dates me a bit :smiley: ). About 3-4 years ago i came to realisation that I wasn’t really doing the things I once wanted. So I started learning Unity/ue4 at first and at some point I wanted to know what goes into creating game assets and pipeline for it.
At first I just thought I see what the basic stuff is in blender for 3d creation and things clicked in my brain. To cut story bit shorter, doing this after workday has made things slow since i’m only able to squeeze active practice time to 3-4 hours plus watching tutorials while commuting. Also managed to get part time interning in one game studio, so someday I’ll be able to change fulltime for arts and games. :slight_smile:
meanwhile, i’m practicing to be better and taking currently the 3d concept course by Jama. (which is amazing)
haven’t updated my in awhile, but this will change soon as try to get something done daily.
I found Learn Squared through art cafe podcast after i had stumbled on it while searching some tutorials (which i cant remember anymore) and saw some art veterans talk about chipotle. :smiley:

(Adam Vaughan) #120

Hey everyone, my name is Adam, I’m from North Bay Ontario, right now I do alot of graphic design - mostly branding and logo’s, alot of beer can/bottle design, clothing design for a local brand, pretty much anything and everything. The reason I joined learnesquared though is because I’m getting bored of all that and I want to branch out and do bigger and better things. I play around c4d regularly and want to learn some new workflows and different ways to weave it into my work.
I am also a spartan and train and compete in any obstacle course I can!! AROO!
I’ve got a bit of my work up on my website -
Thanks! I’m looking forward to being a part of this community!


(Christopher Stapleton) #121

Hello Learn Squared Community,

My name is Christopher Stapleton. I’m from Springville, Utah. I am matte painter currently studying Intro to Matte Painting with Maxx Burman. I attended the Art Institute of Seattle from 2003-2010 and graduated in Game Art & Design and Animation. Because of health challenges I was not able to work full time for about 10 years, but I have changed my life around, and am no longer having to deal with those challenges. I’m currently taking care of my grandmother full time and have been for about 3 years now.

My experience working with digital painting and matte painting has been kind of on the back burner for a while. I have come to a point now in that struggle that I can focus on matte painting without having to worry about difficult health challenges. With that said, although I did some freelance work and was able to get some experience from Gnomon Workshop, Digital Tutors, and I feel like I now am able to focus on my artwork and try to get my foot in the door with everything that I have learned up to this point.

Its been frustrating as a digital artist as I am mostly self taught (even while attending the Art Institute) as they didn’t really teach us to paint in Photoshop, we kind of just had to pick it up and figure things out ourselves, especially doing texture work for 3D modeling. I do enjoy texturing and I enjoy digital painting in Photoshop, and I want to make a strong effort to challenge myself as a matte painter.

I did freelance work on and off for about 11 years doing various work on my blog and I had my own business doing freelance branding and genealogy restoration for, of which we are going to move into a totally different direction helping educate seniors and people with disabilities learn the computer (both on Windows and Mac), their mobile devices, cell phones, and expressing themselves through various digital and traditional media.

With the said, I joined Learn Squared, having learned about it through Robotpencil from Anthony Jones and one of his buddies just today. I’m tired of spending so much money for school and not getting any specific direction on what I want to accomplish. I felt like it was a waste of time even though I’m glad i do have a bachelors degree. I joined Robotpencil’s lifetime private club and I joined this lifetime community to get myself around like minded people and focus my time around individuals who are working in the film and game industries, but more importantly so I can get stoked about pushing myself towards having success as a matte painter. In the end, I am responsible for my success.

I enjoy working in Photoshop, Modo, SketchUp, Maya, Illustrator, Alchemy, Krita, ArtRage, Affinity Photo, Reason, and GarageBand. I beatbox, sing, and play the piano. I will be attending a semester of college for some training in architectural woodworking and design engineering technology. “With those powers combined” I plan on trying to take one day at a time, and doing the best I can with what I have been given.

Peace out!

(James Jenner) #123

G’day All,

I’ve joined last week for the FUIs area.

My name is James, I’m from Brisbane, Australia. I yodel from the same place that Steve Erwin came from.

I’m a UX Designer by trade, with a very long history in the technical space (longer than I care to admit). I am an embedded creative that works with Enterprise Software solutions.

I am in the last semester of a Masters in Creative Industries, Visual and Interactive Design. For my last semester I am doing a 4 unit project on FUIs, taking a short segment from a Sci Fi novel and creating the FUIs in that segment. I had looked at Ae and C4D, followed some online tuts and was scared by the impact to my computer’s performance when using Ae (2016 MacBookPro). So I focused on C4D (via Youtube and Lynda), and then found Learn Squared. So signed up for the UI and Data Design for Film to round out my C4D knowledge.

My main interest is FUIs. I’m a fan of realistic SF, so my interest is in generating FUIs that delight and engage but are also realistic and usable (which I know is at odds with the trends in Film right now). I will see how that goes, but I may also explore Unreal and other engines to create interactive FUIs that actors can engage with, instead of post production application for actors who adlib UI interaction. I’m not hard core on being totally realistic and usable, engaging and delightful interfaces tend to clash with those elements, but it is an area of focus for me.