Introduce Yourself

(Chris Anderson) #61

Im Chris. I’m finally able to afford this course “woohoo”. That being said, I’m currently a self-taught/student looking to get in the art world. I’m skeptical about going to a big university just learn art and really not 100% sure if its the right decision or not. Therefore, I’m looking to grow with the community and show off my stuff with LearnSquared.

Thanks to all the Learn Squared team for their continued efforts to make this such a killer learning platform!!

Hope everyone enjoys their courses and has fun making dope work :slightly_smiling:

(Arturas Jelesinas) #62


My name is Arturas Jelesinas. I am Concept artist and Illustrator based in Ireland Dublin. I am working as freelance concept artist and I finally found time to do Learn squared course. I am new to a 3d and I am really looking forward to learn new techniques .Hope Learn Squared course helps me to develop and grow as an artist :slight_smile: Samples of my work could be found here : and here :

Don’t hesitate to contact me and say hello :slight_smile: Looking forward to see and hear from everyone else soon.

(Ernesto Martinez) #63

Hello Everyone! My name is Ernesto Martinez, i´m from Madrid and i worked for several small companies but now i´m centered on improve my skills. A bit of my work is placed on my blog and on my artstation (that is almost empty at the moment) My facebook is I´m always glad to meet new people.

Thanks so much to everyone that make this site reality!

(Paolo Usero) #64

Sup Everybody

My name’s Paolo Usero. I live in the U.S. I’m pretty much trying to do everything I can to get into the industry. I’m pretty much full-tilt into learning Houdini, so I’ll be applying that learning into the Design for Production Workflow course.


(Yoshiki Lai) #65

Hey guys,

My name is Yoshiki Lai, from Taiwan. I’m a freelance of motion and web design. Most of my works placed on and some of on, hope you like it. Actually I’m 3D MAX user, but I’m very interested in C4D, so that’s why I came here and hope learning some C4D skill to help my works better.
Glad to be here!

(Mark Cernosia) #67

Hey everyone-

My name is Mark Cernosia and I’m currently a lead motion designer / video editor based in Vermont. I work full-time and also run a freelance business, MFC Designs. I’m a self-taught motion designer and work mostly in AE and Cinema 4D. This will be the first class/course I have taken for motion and I really look forward to advancing my skills in a great community like this one. If you would like to check out some of my work, visit my portfolio at

Feel free to drop me a line, I love to connect with other motion designers and animators!

(Gemma Hannigan) #68


I’m Gemma and a Computer Arts student in Scotland. Been saving for the Environmental course and finally here! Really excited to learn more, get involved and meet other Creatives. I had to teach myself Art and Animation before being able to attend University and as this is my last year, I’m going to make it count! My interests are VFX, TV & Film, Gaming.

Hope to make plenty of new friends, happy studying everyone :smiley:

(Clemens Wirth) #69

Hello everybody,
my name is Clemens and I’m writing to you from Austria, from a little city surrounded by snowy mountains.
I work as a director & designer and try to make a living from it :slight_smile:
It’s not always easy, but at least I could do what I love!
I have a passion for macro photography, model building and title design.
If you’re interested you can find some of my work here:
Looking forward to learn new interesting things and meet nice people
so hello :blush:

(Regina Velasco) #70

Hi gang!
My name is Regina and I live in Southern California. I have a background in editing and coloring but my obsession with title sequences has slowly dragged me into the wonderful world of motion design.
I’m currently taking Michael Rigley’s DFP class because it’s time I dive back into Cinema 4D, and what better way to start than with awesome workflow :slight_smile:

(Sin Fatt Lau) #71

Hi all, my name is Vincent Lau and I’m from Malaysia. :slight_smile:

I am currently working as a graphic designer in e-commerce industry. But my dream job is still working in game or movie industry, so thats why I’m here to learn more about drawing and design, and also improve my art foundation.

My Artstation:

(Jordan Hilliard) #72

My name is Jordan , I am a graphic designer working in a studio. I currently create artwork for the Hotel Industry, making such things as sculpture installation to massive graphic wall murals… here is a link to examples of my work in this industry I live in Vancouver BC, Canada I joined learn squared to get better at my environment painting, currently doing the “Intro to Environment Painting” so far its a great course, and is really focusing on the importance of fundamentals of perspective and compositions. Please check out my artstation here looking to transition my career into the film and video game industry.

(Jose Vega) #73

Hi guys! This is Jose Vega,
I am from Puerto Rico. Been doing concept art for about 3-4 mostly in the gaming industry but recently got my first featured film project and I recently went through Ash throps class because I had a pitch to do for my first film project. and even thou I was already doing the concept art they have me now working the GUI and I might actually, if our pitch is accepted, I will work all the GUI for the film which is awsome. And its all thanks to the class and you guys.

Thanks again and pleasure meeting you guys! Here is an image I did after class!

(Benoit Perreault) #74


My name is Ben, I’m a UI artist / motion designer from Montreal. I’ve been working since 2003 in the video game industry. You can see some of my work on my site I’ve joined Learnsquared because you always need to learn and grow, even when you have +10 years of experience. I’ve been following the work of some of their instructors for a while. Really glad to be able to see and learn how they make their magic.

(John Ribera) #75

Hey there! Thanks for being a part of the community! My name is John Ribera, i help run Learn Squared as Assistant Producer. I just checked out Steampunk League, i love it! Looks like a fun game, what system is it for? Welcome to the community. I hope to see you level up from all the content, please let me know if you need any thing!


(John Ribera) #76

Hey Calina!! Go Teddy bears!! :wink:

(Guido Salto) #77

the game still hans’t come out unfortunately, i donno why, anyway it was meant to be a PC game with a port on PS4 later, but i still haven’t heard any news from the company about it’s release

(Lorne Hawke) #78

OMG! You worked on UI for Far Cry 2!?! I love that game and the UI was one of my favourite parts! I really liked how minimal it was. The map was brilliant, I had so many tense moments hiding in the bushes with the map trying to plan an escape. The title screen gives me chills just thinking about it, it captures the mood of the game so perfectly and blends so well with the music (how good is that music BTW)! I can’t believe the odds that I’d see you on Lean Squared.

(Lorne Hawke) #79

Hello. My name is Lorne Hawke. I’m from Christchurch, New Zealand.
I’m working towards becoming a concept artist. I’ve been practicing and improving my skills for the last few years and I’m starting to get to a stage where I’m happy with how my work looks and I would feel confident applying to jobs. I joined Learn Squared for Maciej’s character design tutorial and I’m glad I did, the tutorial is really great and the community here is really cool.
My work is on my Artstation page: . I’m hoping to add some to it soon.

(Benoit Perreault) #80

Glad you liked it. FarCry 2 was a blast to work on. I might still have the old sketch book that I scanned for the menus and maps somewhere. The “diegetic” style of UI was quite challenging, but really rewarding.
I’m taking the class “Design for Production: Workflow” by Michael Rigley. I want to start using C4D more and see how he approches the briefs and comes up with those great style frames. So far I like it!

(Lorne Hawke) #81

That’d be really cool to see some of the work in progress stuff for the menus. I imagine it would have been hard to make the maps it was really unique, I can’t think of a game before it that does the same thing. You guys also went all out on it, like there were so many small touches that made it awesome like putting the GPS on the dash of the car.
Good luck with your course, it looks really cool.