Introduce Yourself

(Andrew Hawryluk) #1

Hey, welcome to the Learn Squared forum!

Use this thread to introduce yourself to the community. Here are some sample questions to help get you started on your introduction:

  • What’s your name?
  • Where are you from?
  • What do you do?
  • Where can we see some of your work?
  • Why did you join Learn Squared?

Don’t feel restricted to only these questions though! Please feel free to go off-book, and be as detailed as you’d like :blush:

(Calina Sparhawk) #2

I’m Calina, and I love~ teddy bears! ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

(Also Jama is awesome! And the rest of the L2 team too ^_^)

(Marc-Alexandre Robbe) #3


My name is Marc-Alexandre, I’m a concept artist from Paris (currently looking for work). I joined Learn Squared because Jama showed me the revolutionary ways of 3D sketching and radically changed my way of working.

You can see examples of my work at: .


(Calina Sparhawk) #4

ʕ •ᴥ•ʔʕ •ᴥ•ʔʕ •ᴥ•ʔʕ •ᴥ•ʔʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

(Adam Ybarra) #5

Im adam. I like to paint and build things. Started off L2 with Jama’s 3D coat course and will be taking a couple more of the new courses :D.

Thanks to all the Learn Squared team for their continued efforts to make this such a killer learning platform!!

Hope everyone enjoys their courses and has fun making dope work :slight_smile:

(Josh Hamester) #6

ayyyo whats up lil mommas.

My name is Josh Hamester, I’m a video editor from ohio living/working in Los Angeles at the studio Pixomondo. There I’m a creative editor(just cut their latest demo reel) and a VFX Editor on the TV shows. Ever since I was about 3 years old I’ve loved to draw. Art has always been a passion of mine and though I decided to study film at the college level I always wanted to take design courses and I’m glad to have that opportunity through Learn Squared :slight_smile:

Also I think pizza is the reason for living. So good, so majestic.

(David Kaye) #7

Hey all, my name is Dave, originally from NYC but presently residing in Los Angeles. I’m a working concept artist and illustrator and have already worked for a few companies, though I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus since last November due to family reasons. Getting back into the swing of things now.

Samples of my work can be found here and here

I’ve been Maciej’s student before, many moons ago, and swear by his teaching methods. He’s one of the greatest teachers I’ve ever had, and whose course helped me level up dramatically. I often credit my present career to his teachings, and did not hesitate to sign up for his first Learn Squared course.

Oh, and I like cats. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Brandon Dennis) #8

Brandon here, im in New Zealand and am a stay at home dad. But soon I need to return to work as a counsellor/therapist. I have a crappy website or my arstation:

(Wojtek Kapusta) #9

Hi! My name is Wojtek (kapucha76), I’m from Poland. I’m trying to be ‘illustrator’ and ’ concept artist’.
My current work you can see here:
I joined Learnsquared because after two years of self-teaching I want to learn more orderly…

(Nicholas Lim) #10

Hi, my name is Nicholas Lim.
I’m from Malaysia.
I’m a concept designer, formerly of a small mobile game studio.

My professional and personal work can be seen here:

I joined LearnSquared to be a part of the Futuristic Character Design course - I’m doing the course in my own time, as I do consider myself a relatively slow learner. Having a blast so far, but I’ve only just begun to touch Fusion 360, which is a big part of this course.

Hope to see and hear from everyone else soon, the courses here help to bring out alot of cool things! You can also find me on the LearnSquared Slack group.

(Dan Teuchert) #11

Hey folks,

due to that thing called time I will keep it short:

DAN // Mid-Western Germany // Creating Stuff // Insta @dan_o_saur // Cause I wanna learn why creative decisions are made during the process of a project… and not which buttons you have to push to achieve this or that look.

DAN-O-OUT :wink:

(Piotr Szymaniec) #12

Hello All new and old classmates and schoolmates :slight_smile: Its nice to see some familiar faces here speaking :slight_smile:

I’m Peter, typing from Wroclaw, Poland. In this rainy Tuesday :rain umbrella:

I was pulled like magnet by inspiring presence of LearnSquare instructors.
Was struggling in mentorship classess at Ash UI course, and still have to finish it in some distant future.

Being here with all of you gave me a new perspective what one can achieve through lots of work and that you can chase your dreams if you really want to.
So I’m on this ship to excel my yesterday self, and to find and polish my inner artistic gems :slight_smile:

On board, fellow pirats. See you on the limitless seas of creativity!

(Kuba Kozłowski) #13

Hi guys! My name is Jakub Kozłowski / causelovesky. I live in Warsaw, Poland.
I work in game industry for about 3 years (ios/android). After work i paint stuff in PS and experiment with some other cool softwares :slight_smile: You can check my work at : www.artstation/artist/causelovesky / .I’m here because i want to improve my skills everyday and i think that Jama’s course will help me with that :slight_smile:
can’t wait for it!

(Boyan Draganov) #14

I am Boyan, and I come from Bulgaria.
I work as a game designer at a company called Gameloft.
The art for Magic the Gathering started my love for illustration and after that I start to follow artists, working in the entertainment industry.
2 years ago I started to draw a little bit and now long ago I decided that I want to do it more seriously.
I joined Learnsquared because I was experiencing trouble learning 3D and thought a more structured course will help me and I loved Jama Jurabaev’s work :smiley:
I took his Intro to 3D concept design - and I surpass my expectations…it was awesome.
Now I enrolled in ‘Intro to Environment Painting’ & ‘Narrative Concept art’ :slightly_smiling:

(Koko Liem) #15

Hi guys, I’m Koko from Singapore. Currently work as a full time concept artist in Daylight Studios, which developed “Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop” (if you don’t know the game, it’s available on Steam since last year :stuck_out_tongue: ). I’m taking Maciej’s class as I have interest in designing landscape and environment art, really excited waiting for the course to kick off :slightly_smiling: I usually share my artworks on instagram and sometimes, facebook too.


(Rishiraj Singh Shekhawat) #16

Hello Everyone,

I am Rishiraj, from India, I am working for Ubisoft now also working on some freelance projects.You can see my personal not so good work at Also I am here for Maciej’s Environment classes because I never had an actual art education so really excited for my first art class and how the homework need to be done, and have good time learning along with everyone here…:smiley: thnkx

(Andrea Marini) #17

Hello everyone I’m Andrea from Italy.

I am a freelancer doing mostly commercial work (websites, motion for corporate videos and for web, etc…), I mainly work for agencies.
I also was a VJ for 12 years, doing video mapping and club visuals. Now I’m not in the mood anymore to work at night, so I do just a few gigs sometimes for fun.

Finally found some time for personal projects and learn some new skills, so this is why I’m here on learnsquared.

I have an Instagram account where I post some not-so-daily work
Without a website since 2012…definitely it’s time to build a new one!

I am finishing (last 2 lessons) the “DataUI” course with Ash Thorp and I have already joined “Main Title Design” starting today, see you there!!

(Petr Dyachikhin) #18

Hi guys,

I’m Petr from Finland. I am currently working as a programmer in a small indie gamedev company here in Finland. I have only recently started my art/design education, with no previous background other than some lousy skills in Maya and 3ds Max. Completely self-taught for now, using Scott Robertson’s books and Feng Zhu’s and Anthony Jones’s videos as learning materials. I don’t have any art talent and my skills are still really bad, but I really want to get better and work a lot for it.

I am aiming to gain enough skills and knowledge to become a concept artist. My main field of interest is environments, so here I am, enrolled on the Intro to Env Painting course :slight_smile:

Looking forward to have fun studying with and from you guys and doing some hard work on the courses. Cheers :slight_smile:

(Remy PAUL) #19

Yo !
I’m Remy.
I am from France.
I am Concept artist/illustrator freelance. :stuck_out_tongue:
My artsta’ :
I join learnsquared because I have a lot to learn. And need to steal technologies from the bests. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m enroll with Anthony Jones for now. But hope to take some Maciej and Jama’s course too.

(Tomasz Smolka) #20

Hi everyone,
My name is Tomasz. (Thomas)
I am from Poland. (Cześć!)
I used to work as a marketing/production artist in the mobile video games industry but decided it is time to move on.
You can find samples of my work here:
I joined Learn Squared to learn from experienced professionals. But also for competition with other students to make my work better and more useful. I love Maciej’s work so what can be better than learning directly from him :slightly_smiling: